I am writing this today to express my sincere appreciation for all of the assistance, and most of all, kindness during one of the most difficult times of my life.  Although Scott and I have never personally met, he made me feel very comfortable and made the process of seeking FERS disability not so overwhelming.  Through every step of the process Scott was there to guide me through the daunting amount of paperwork.  He expertly guided me on how to obtain and prepare all of the necessary paperwork to be successful in seeking relief through OPM.  Although the entire process took about 8 months from the beginning of the process until final approval, the actual disability packet was approved in less than 6 weeks after being submitted to OPM.  I believe the approval was so fast because Scott ensured I submitted a thorough and well-organized packet, which made it clear to OPM that there was a direct nexus between my disabilities and my inability to perform specific aspects of my job.  This is the key to a successful application.  I highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking FERS disability retirement.