When my health became so disruptive that I was no longer able to perform my job, I knew I didn’t have a choice but to file for FERS disability retirement.  I am normally a do it yourself type of person, but due to my lack of knowledge about the paperwork and process, I felt I would be best served by hiring Scott.  After our initial conversation, I felt very comfortable that I had made the right choice.  Scott guided me through the process with experience and advice that was really encouraging to me.  His expertise on matters of disability retirement far exceeds any information I received from other sources I encountered throughout the whole process.  I can not say enough good things about how great of a job he did and how nice it was working with him.  From the time we began until notification of OPM approval was approximately three months.  This included waiting a month for my agency to take care of my military buy back paperwork.  Thank you, Scott for doing such a terrific job!