I have personally referred some of my former VA federal government colleagues to Dr. Scott Santarelli – he is simply extraordinary. I was online researching for a FERS Disability Retirement Expert Specialist when I stumbled on Dr. Santarelli’s name.

I can genuinely tell you I definitely found an expert in Scott; he is a phenomenal, professional expert in FERS Disability Retirement. Dr. Santarelli has truly guided, assisted and helped me with my FDR, and his fees are reasonable.

Upon me contacting Dr. Santarelli, I was at a complete loss with OPM due to my 2nd reconsideration being denied, and I had to appeal the OPM decision through the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB). Upon receiving Dr. Santarelli’s assistance, I was able to submit supporting evidence and medical records in the correct format, which was very helpful.

I just recently received very good news from the MSPB Administrative Judge via letter stating that OPM filed a motion to the MSPB to dismiss my appeal on the basis that, upon review of evidence and medical documents submitted with my appeal, it was rescinding its reconsideration decision and granting my application for disability retirement. Basically, OPM has decided to grant me my FDR; for this I am humbled and grateful.

I truly thank Dr. Scott Santarelli for his professionalism, guidance and assistance.