Physician's Statement

Simple and affordable, this service is designed to ensure that your physician’s statement is accurate, complete, consistent, and strong!  This service is best suited for applicants who need extensive guidance with form SF 3112C but feel comfortable preparing and submitting the remainder of the application documents on their own.

As with all the services I offer, my ultimate goal is to provide you the highest level of assistance so that you can maximize the strength of your FERS Disability Retirement (FDR) claim.

Remember, you can always opt for a more comprehensive service at a later date if you feel that you require a broader level of assistance (i.e., Complete Package).

Service Description

The most important component of your disability claim, by far, is the statement provided by your physician.  Without a strong, detailed testimonial from your medical practitioner, it is highly unlikely that OPM will approve your claim.

Take a good look at form SF 3112C.  Under the section entitled “Medical Documentation Requirements,” you will find a detailed list of information and documentation that your physician must provide OPM.

Let’s face it.  Your doctor barely has time to read the instructions, let alone draft a comprehensive medical narrative about your disabling medical conditions.

That’s where I come in.  I can help you draft a comprehensive statement that your physician can use as a starting point.  In fact, I’ve drafted more than 100 such samples to assist medical practitioners.

When you work with me, I draft SF 3112C based on the information and documentation you provide me.  I guide you through a series of questions that allow me to gather all pertinent facts about your disabling medical condition(s).  Depending on the nature of your disabilities, I may also ask you to provide copies of supporting medical documentation (for example, MRI reports, operative reports, hospitalization summaries, etc.).

As instructed in form SF 3112C, the sample statement I draft includes all the following: a history of your disabling medical conditions; a list/discussion of past and present medications; a list/discussion of past and present therapies and/or treatments; a list/discussion of hospitalizations; a list/discussion of relevant operative procedures and/or diagnostic tests; a detailed account of your symptoms and physical and/or mental limitations; your prognosis; and your medical restrictions.  Most importantly, the statement includes a detailed discussion of the causal relationship between your disabling medical conditions and your inability to perform one or more essential functions of your federal position of record.

In addition to providing this sample statement, I also provide you and your practitioner final printing and signing instructions to ensure that your doctor’s final draft is in the proper format.

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