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Scott’s invaluable expertise and experience helped me navigate the extremely complicated and non-intuitive process of filing for Federal disability retirement.  Without his help, I would not have prevailed.  His professionalism, extensive knowledge and strong technical writing skills were critical for my success.  I could never thank him enough.  Don’t try to go it alone!


Dr. Scott Santarelli is beyond Amazing!!

I was diagnosed with a chronic lifelong illness and was denied all accommodations I needed in order to keep working.  It was clear that my only choice was to file for FERS Disability Retirement.  The entire process seemed overwhelming and terrifying.  After much research we came across Scott’s website.  Reading the testimonials gave me hope and I decided to reach out to Scott.  This was by far the best decision ever!

His peaceful and calm demeanor, extensive knowledge about FERS Disability, organizational skills, ability to convey one’s situation with clarity, and his willingness to answer questions made this experience much more tolerable.

After 4 months from initial filing, my FERS Disability Retirement was approved!!

Other attorney offices make you feel like just another “cash client”.  Scott makes you feel understood, heard, and acknowledges the struggle you are facing.  I highly recommend Scott’s services.

Thank you Scott for giving me hope.  Your honesty and professionalism is impeccable.


Scott helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life.  I made the decision to file for FERS Disability, and it terrified me on many levels.  I called Scott, and though my fears were still there, I knew he would handle my journey in the best possible way.  He explained my options, and I decided to choose the whole package.  I was afraid I would not be able to afford it.  When he told me the price, I could not believe that he could assist me up this mountain for such a reasonable price.  Scott did everything he said he would, and more.  He helped me with every single step.  He treated me with respect, politeness, care, and a confidence that always reassured me.  When I was awarded my full disability, I gave all the credit to Scott.  I followed his lead and trusted him.  He is truly the best!


This letter for reference is to any Federal employee who is considering if this assistance is worth the investment.  Let me assure you that Scott was instrumental in helping me navigate the disability process.  The forms for filing are very confusing.  Scott was easy to schedule appointments with, and he was very clear on his guidance and recommendations.  He let me know, step by step, what to expect and what forms that I needed to complete.  I highly recommend Scott, and his assistance, direction, and expertise was vital to me filing a complete package.


Dr. Scott Santarelli provided considerable guidance through the daunting procedures and paperwork as part of my application for federal disability retirement.  Undoubtedly, his experience in the wording of specific questions on the numerous forms and letters was invaluable in my success in receiving disability retirement.  I am greatly indebted to Dr. Santarelli in easing my fears and in his guidance throughout this process.


I was applying for federal disability retirement and was not getting any cooperation from my employer. I needed legal help to complete my claim. I initially talked to Scott on the phone. He patiently listened to my story and asked questions. There was no rush. He told me what he needed from me and quickly took charge of my case. He drafted letters, filed documents and always met deadlines. I always had access to Scott via phone or text, and he always let me know when he would be unavailable days in advance.

What I mostly appreciated about Scott was when I got frustrated with the case, he assured me things would be alright. He was correct. I received my full retirement plus back pay. I don’t think I could have jumped through all the hoops the Federal Government put in my way without Scott’s assistance.


I truly enjoyed working with Scott Santarelli on my FERS Disability! I knew right from the start that Scott would assist me every step of the way.  He was ALWAYS available via email or phone to answer any or all of my questions. He made this process go extremely smoothly and broke everything down in parts so it didn’t seem overwhelming. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Scott on FERS Disability. I’m truly grateful for my outcome and everything he did for me.


I have personally referred some of my former VA federal government colleagues to Dr. Scott Santarelli – he is simply extraordinary. I was online researching for a FERS Disability Retirement Expert Specialist when I stumbled on Dr. Santarelli’s name.

I can genuinely tell you I definitely found an expert in Scott; he is a phenomenal, professional expert in FERS Disability Retirement. Dr. Santarelli has truly guided, assisted and helped me with my FDR, and his fees are reasonable.

Upon me contacting Dr. Santarelli, I was at a complete loss with OPM due to my 2nd reconsideration being denied, and I had to appeal the OPM decision through the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB). Upon receiving Dr. Santarelli’s assistance, I was able to submit supporting evidence and medical records in the correct format, which was very helpful.

I just recently received very good news from the MSPB Administrative Judge via letter stating that OPM filed a motion to the MSPB to dismiss my appeal on the basis that, upon review of evidence and medical documents submitted with my appeal, it was rescinding its reconsideration decision and granting my application for disability retirement. Basically, OPM has decided to grant me my FDR; for this I am humbled and grateful.

I truly thank Dr. Scott Santarelli for his professionalism, guidance and assistance.


I would like to thank Scott Santarelli for being an amazing professional with a wealth of experience.  When I didn’t have a clue where to begin or how I would make it, with much Prayer, Scott was recommended to assist.  I had 33 years of Military/ Federal Service and my life was coming apart before my eyes as well as everyone that knows me.  Life has been a struggle, and while I thought I was about to lose everything, Scott explained options and took action that will prove to be great for the remaining of my life.  As we Veterans say, we all gave some but many gave all.  Scott is definitely a professional that gave some and has helped not only me but many more Veterans by whom recommended him.  Thanks Scott and many Blessings…anyone that retains you in their journey can’t go wrong.


In the depths of my despair, Scott lifted me up and provided hope.  It was wonderful to find someone that I could rely on to help me during the most stressful time of my life.

One of the many helpful aspects was how Scott parsed and parceled out the FDR application.  The application seemed completely overwhelming when I first saw it.  Scott broke it down and had me complete it in manageable chunks, day by day.  Pacing (work, activities, etc.) was something that I learned simultaneously on my own as a coping strategy.

My chronic digestive issues and related pain/inflammation leave me exhausted.  With Scott’s assistance, I was able to wrangle up all of the information that I needed.  Scott also gave me soft-skill tips on how to communicate effectively with doctors and supervisors.


I am writing this today to express my sincere appreciation for all of the assistance, and most of all, kindness during one of the most difficult times of my life.  Although Scott and I have never personally met, he made me feel very comfortable and made the process of seeking FERS disability not so overwhelming.  Through every step of the process Scott was there to guide me through the daunting amount of paperwork.  He expertly guided me on how to obtain and prepare all of the necessary paperwork to be successful in seeking relief through OPM.  Although the entire process took about 8 months from the beginning of the process until final approval, the actual disability packet was approved in less than 6 weeks after being submitted to OPM.  I believe the approval was so fast because Scott ensured I submitted a thorough and well-organized packet, which made it clear to OPM that there was a direct nexus between my disabilities and my inability to perform specific aspects of my job.  This is the key to a successful application.  I highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking FERS disability retirement.


Scott is very professional and knows all of the answers to your questions!  I started the process in February of this year and received my approval letter in August 2019.


I am a licensed professional with extensive experience in labor and employment law; however, when faced with health issues that required an application for my own disability retirement from federal service, I was intimidated and concerned I myself wouldn’t be able to navigate the complex application process successfully.  My concerns were immediately allayed when I retained Scott.  His expertise, professionalism, genuine care and concern, and discretion are, in my experience, unequaled.  I am grateful for his work on my behalf and for submitting an application that was quickly approved by OPM.  He earned my trust, confidence, and respect…and has my strongest possible recommendation.


Excellent communicator, great listener and an absolute professional. He promptly returns calls and correspondence and is very reliable! He guided me through the FERS process when I could no longer do my Federal job. The process is nerve wracking, and very scary. It seemed everyone online was having that same problem. He was very connected with my fears and challenges and gave me advice on how to deal with my Agency, my supervisors, Human Resources, as well as my doctors. In the end, I got approved!!!  A breath of fresh air finding honest and direct people who are experts. This guy is the real deal. His services are impeccable and I’m a satisfied customer!!!


Scott did an amazing job from the very beginning through the whole process.  I don’t believe I would have been able to conquer the very challenging paperwork and demands of completing the FERS disability without him.  I highly recommend him!  Thanks Scott!


When my health deteriorated to the point that it was necessary to apply for Federal Disability Retirement, I knew that I needed a real professional to help me through the process.  I did my homework and interviewed several firms and individuals that specialized in helping Feds apply for disability retirement.  I was so impressed with Scott from our first conversation.  He was prompt, professional, very knowledgeable, courteous, and so understanding.  Throughout the process, Scott was prompt with communication by email and by phone.  He was meticulously organized, which was critical to putting together a rock solid application package.  He regularly provided useful updates and valuable tips.  I was approved for disability retirement on the first attempt.  I’m certain that my quick approval was the result of Scott’s skill in putting together my application package.  If you are considering disability retirement, I highly recommend you have a conversation with Scott!


Scott Santarelli was helpful throughout this overwhelming process. He encouraged me when obstacles left me feeling hopeless. Despite the lack of cooperation from my former employer, he was strategic, patient, knowledgeable and respectful. I had no doubt at any point that I was in good hands. I highly recommend Scott Santarelli for FERS Disability cases. I’m truly grateful for the effort he put into my case, and for the peace of mind I now have.


Mr. Santarelli, I just want to show my gratitude by saying thank you for doing a wonderful job on my case. Could not have gotten my retirement disability case approved on the first try without your loyalty and hard work – thank you again.


When my health became so disruptive that I was no longer able to perform my job, I knew I didn’t have a choice but to file for FERS disability retirement.  I am normally a do it yourself type of person, but due to my lack of knowledge about the paperwork and process, I felt I would be best served by hiring Scott.  After our initial conversation, I felt very comfortable that I had made the right choice.  Scott guided me through the process with experience and advice that was really encouraging to me.  His expertise on matters of disability retirement far exceeds any information I received from other sources I encountered throughout the whole process.  I can not say enough good things about how great of a job he did and how nice it was working with him.  From the time we began until notification of OPM approval was approximately three months.  This included waiting a month for my agency to take care of my military buy back paperwork.  Thank you, Scott for doing such a terrific job!


A huge THANK YOU to you, Scott, for your help with my Physician’s Letter!  I just heard from OPM that I was APPROVED!!  I’m over the moon happy!  I definitely could not have done this without YOU.  I am forever grateful.


Scott assisted me with my FERS case on two occasions. First in 2012, and then again in 2016. Scott was both professional and kind. From the start, he makes you feel at ease with your situation. Scott was able to resolve both of my FERS issues in a timely and professional manner. I would not only recommend his services to friends and family but I would also happily use his services again if needed.


Scott Santarelli was a real pleasure to work with.  He was thorough, knowledgeable, personable, and he kept me informed throughout the entire process, and made sure my needs were addressed all along the way.  While I can say that nobody wants to go through this process, it was great having Scott in my corner!  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who needs to apply for FERS Disability.  I truly cannot say enough good things about him.


As my testimonial, I would like to thank you for all you have done to assist me.  I really appreciate your assistance and time, as well as your efforts in resolving my case.  I also really appreciate your honesty and privacy concerning the case.  You have looked out for my best interest from day one to the end of the process.  This had reassured me and my confidence to move forward without any mistrust or misguidance in understanding what was needed to complete the case successfully.

I want you to know that you have a positive effect in my life and future.  The process did not take too long nor did it require any unnecessary information or documents.  Now, that the case is completed successfully, I have been approved for medical disability retirement and headed in the right direction.  I would like to refer you to others that may be in the same situation as myself (as a former federal worker with a disability).

My only advice to others would be to save all documents and other feasible documents to make the transition more smooth and easier without the stress.  Scott, you were very professional and confident in your work and me, which made it easier for me to understand and feel confidence myself.  I know at times I was a little tense.  You helped me pull it together worry-free.  This is my testimonial and recommendation.  Because you believed in me and my case, I will never forget you and look forward to working with you in the future.  I enjoyed working with you for my FERS DISABILITY RETIREMENT BENEFITS (FDR).

Again, thank you, and my family and I wish you all the best in your endeavors in the future.


Scott is the most professional and knowledgeable person I know when it comes to FERS Disability Retirement.  He is very reliable and explains things so that anyone can understand them.  The FERS Disability Retirement system is a rat maze, which not even my union representative could explain to me.  Scott is the only person I would rely on to guide me through this process.  He is a hard worker and worked relentlessly on my case.  If he doesn’t know the answer to your question, he finds out and gets the answers you need in a timely manner.  He is truly the professional that you want working for you.


Scott was always available when I needed him, even on short notice when I found out the agency tried to sabotage my application.  He is very articulate and knows the exact wording needed for a successful application.  Scott gave a lot of his time, and I’m glad I was able to rely on him.


I had to apply for disability due to my bilateral hearing loss, which was causing me a great deal of distress, resulting in anxiety and depressive symptoms. Having Scott Santarelli assist me with all of my questions, the paperwork, and continuously keeping in contact with my place of employment, supervisors, medical personnel (including my primary medical physician, audiologist, and psychiatrist) was a tremendous relief.  Even though I have never personally met Scott, I felt comfortable with him guiding me throughout the whole disability process. Scott, I appreciate everything you have done for me. You are truly a gem. Thank you!


Scott and his services are a game-changer.

Have no reservations, this process can take time and be stressful, but his demeanor and expertise have a way of alleviating much of that stress.

Because of his knowledge and guidance, I now have the financial means to move forward in life despite my conditions.

5 stars, hands down.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Your services were much needed navigating an arcane system. With your help, my case was approved on the first try. You made the process a lot more manageable due to your expertise. The fact you accommodated me and my financial situation with a payment plan allowed me to maintain some sanity through this stressful situation. Thanks for being very professional and approachable during the process.

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