Scott G. Santarelli, Ph.D.

Consultant for FERS Disability Retirement

My mission is to help eligible federal and postal employees obtain approval for FERS Disability Retirement (FDR).

Why?  I've been there.  I've gone through the process.  And I can help.

If you are no longer able to work as the result of disease or injury, you and your family need these benefits.  More importantly, you are entitled to them.

My Story

As a former applicant, I understand how daunting the claim process is.  I also understand that dealing with a disabling condition can be extremely time-consuming, emotionally and physically draining, and expensive.

If you’re like most applicants, you’re intimidated by the claim process, and you lack the energy and motivation to put together a strong application package.  You may even feel a sense of frustration and shame at no longer being able to work in a career at which you once excelled.

Over the past several years, I have worked directly with over 80 applicants at various stages of the claim process with an extremely high success rate.

As a former applicant, I saw the need for a service that recognizes disabled employees as people (as opposed to case files or numbers).  So I created a detailed system that I custom-tailor to the specific goals and needs of each applicant.  My method is flexible and resilient to many of the obstacles that applicants so often encounter.  As such, my system is currently being used by several attorneys and disability professionals.

In comparison to most big firms, my overhead is extremely low, and I pass those savings directly to you.  Therefore, I can offer you the highest level of service while saving you hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars.

When you work with me, I treat your claim as if it were my own.  If you have any doubts, see what some of my former clients have to say by clicking here.

Now that you know a little about me, I want to hear your story.  I want to help you assess the strength of your FDR claim.  I want to help you put together a successful application package.  And perhaps most of all, I want to lead you to a future of financial security and peace of mind.

Scott G. Santarelli, Ph.D.

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